How many Americans can you fit on a Sidecar? At least 2!

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The Americans

I’m often asked about couples at SideCarCity.  With 250cc of power its no problem for couples to take a tour and explore central London.

I can’t always guarantee that you’ll see a Marching band pass outside Buckingham Palace but it does happen from time to time.

I love the shots which Alan took from the SideCar. The Poppy tribute, commemorating lost lives in WorldWar1 at The Tower of London and the view of Parliament with Big Ben are favourites.

The film clip riding across Tower Bridge is bad either!   Alan, have you done this before??

Buckingham Palace Traffic Jam - Taxis, Buses, SideCars, Trumpeters, Tuba, Marching band you see it all
Americans Alan & Judy stuck in a great Buckingham Palace Traffic Jam – Taxis, Buses, SideCars, Trumpeters, Tuba, Marching band you see it all

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  1. Chris is an amiable host with a depth of knowledge of London and a reassuring grip on the handlebars. Despite our lack of experience on scooters much less sidecars, we felt safe in Chris’ hands and were exhilarated by our ride with him. Perched on the back of Chris’ Vespa or ensconced in the sidecar was a splendid way to tour London! The fun factor of seeing the city from a unique vantage point was enhanced by all the smiles we engendered in passing pedestrians. You haven’t really seen London until you’ve seen it from the seat of a sidecar. Forget the double-decker buses; this is the most unique way to view the city, floating along mere inches above the roadbed. We had a delightful ride and in Chris’ expert hands we were able to sit back and take in London like we’ve never seen it before. The cool factor can’t be overemphasized. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.

  2. Hello Alan, Judy

    Great to hear you had such a good time. I still think its amazing we saw the Marching band outside Buckingham Palace. This doesn’t happen every day!
    Apologies to Judy who I should have credited for the photo of the Poppies at Tower Bridge.
    See you next time you’re in London!


  3. What a grand tour of the city! We have been to London many times over the past 20 years and this tour is a delight for seasoned travelers and newcomers alike. Chris is a conscientious driver, knows the ins and outs of city streets and has stories to share that make the tour interesting and such fun. A comfy ride, an engaging host, magnificent perspective on the city in a safe and eye catching vehicle. Many visitors waved enthusiastically as we rode by and we felt privileged to see the city from our sidecar vantage point. Bravo, Chris – an innovative idea with excellent execution.

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