SideCar City is home of the most fun and personal way to experience London’s big sights and small secrets.  1 or 2 passengers can discover a new perspective touring in a classic 1960’s style Vespa Sidecar. Riding in a sidecar is a totally different experience and perspective even for London locals and seasoned motorcyclists.

“You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

Robert Pirsig describes motorcycling in his philosophical best selling book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


Piccadilly Circus

The Weather

Lets be realistic about the famous wet British weather and the not so famous dry London weather.

Statistics about the number of days of rain are not useful because just 1mm of rain is means the whole day is counted as a “rainy day”. However 1mm of rain could fall within just a few minutes!  It is sensible to understand the rainfall in London and the UK with over 30 years of compiled data from the UK Government’s Met Office.

  • London receives 557mm per year. Less than Rio De Janeiro or Rome!
  • Scotland, Wales and Cornwall receive approx 3000mm per year.

The frequency of rain in London is minimal.  Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London has even claimed that “it is officially not raining in London 94 per cent of the time”.

I do not know the official number and can not guarantee it will not rain.  However the chances of rain on a Sidecar City tour are lower than I originally thought And probably than you think!

Note: I have not researched statistics on sunshine in London, but the chances of sunburn are relatively low :-)


Looking at sights from Horse Guards Parade
Look! “There is no rain”, riding past a rain free Horse Guards Parade

For a personal fun tour which maximises your time in London, get in contact and jump in for a unique experience and memory!