The history of SideCar City is from another project called Scooters For Goalposts which was a unique historical 6 month sidecar adventure from London to Rio de Janeiro for the Brazil World Cup 2014 in aid of UNICEF. Whilst riding through different cities and countries people would help me navigate without getting (very) lost!  We would talk about the history of the countries, the cities, the towns and sights which were pointed out and the history behind the neighbourhoods.  This gave me the idea to do the same when people visit the great city of London.

Rio Kids with the unofficial World Cup
Rio Kids pose with the unofficial World Cup and take it in turns to jump into the Sidecar

The trip itself caught the imagination around the world and the below links are some of the media who covered the adventure.

Brazil – SBT Brasil

Brazil – Rede TV

UK – ITV Good Morning Britain

UK – Daily Mail Online

Spain – Faro De Vigo

UK – ITV London News featuring Gary Mabbutt (England and Spurs legend).  He eloquently commented “I think Chris is completely mad to ride the sidecar all the way from London to Rio”

Gary Mabbutt sitting in the sidecar with the unofficial World Cup
Gary Mabbutt enjoys a sidecar ride to Spurs famous White Hart Lane football stadium

The Motorbike Times

BBC – WorldService interview in Santiago, Chile

USA – Lockerdome

Made it! Arriving after 6 months on the road!
Made it! Arriving in Rio with yet another co-pilot!