Adam’s first motorcycle ride

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Adam has hemiplegia which means he has limited control of the right hand side of his body and is unable to balance on 2 wheels as a motorcycle rider or as a pillion passenger.

The sidecar city tour would be Adam’s first motorcycle ride of any description and his sister Sophie’s second.  He is a keen “petrol head”, a lover of all types of engines and motor vehicles.  The sidecar tour was a surprise present from his parents, so when I arrived he was speechless (briefly!), then amazed when he knew he would be going for a ride. We quickly fastened the helmet & goggles, helped him in to the sidecar and he could not wait to get going.

During the trip Adam was able to experience a feeling of freedom and closeness on the open road which had him beaming from ear to ear, chatting with taxi drivers and cheekily waving to passersby.  He enjoyed some of the winding roads the most! Adam was able to view and name many types of cars and motorcycles, including Aston Martins, Bentleys and a brightly painted & pimped Lamborghini along Mayfair’s Park Lane.

Adam is an extremely positive and fearless young man with some of his previous adrenalin experiences including; trips in a race car, a helicopter ride and abseiling!!!

I’m really proud that SideCar City could help make one of his dreams come true and I am truly inspired by his positivity and appetite for life.

Happy Birthday Adam, have a great year!!


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  1. WOW juѕt wɦat I waѕ looking for.

    • I have built a few sidecars/side hacks in my day. I did some hack MX rcnaig when I was in my teens and 20 s. I’ve got a sidecar I built for the dog now.It’s a Russian made sidecar on a 91 Harley attached by an American made sub-frame.The rig I have now (made with manufactured components) is far superior to the ones I built from scratch in the past. If you’ re interested I’d be glad to share the resources I’ve found.

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