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The English take a tour.  A hardworking business woman is in London for meetings.  With SideCar City she finds a more interesting route to get back to the office from a Christmas lunch!

The Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street are a sight which can only be enjoyed for approx 7 weeks of the year.  However that period does seem to be getting longer every year as the Christmas excitement (or is it company marketeers?), starts earlier and earlier each year!

English SideCarCity view of London Eye from the Southbank, London
SideCarCity view of London Eye from the Southbank, London

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  1. What a way to travel around London! You get a totally different perspective of the streets, shops and oh my goodness: the Christmas Lights down Oxford Street! Beautiful! I saw London in a new light and learnt a lot from my guide – he was really knowledgeable about London – and shared a great story about Harrods!
    I thought I might feel unsafe in all the traffic but didn’t at all. I’d definitely recommend this – a real treat!

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