Sidecar City’s Central London tour takes approx 90 minutes and passes some of the worlds most famous homes, streets and landmarks.

What will I see?

Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St James Park, Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, The Mall, Palace Guard, Luxury Shopping, Chic, Glamorous, Car Showrooms, Park Views, Street Performers, Nightlife, Shopping, Southbank Centre, Financial City Views, The National Theatre, Riverside Walkway & Bars, British Film Institute, The London Eye, Culture, Bfi Imax, Eclectic, China Town, Trendy, Extremes, Cultural Melting Pot, The British Museum, Sherlock Holmes, Madame Tussauds, The Wallace Collection, Sunday Organic Farmers’ Market, Harley Street, Luxury Brands, High Tea, St James’s Palace, The Mall and of course, home Of The Queen, Buckingham Palace.


Central London Tour
Sidecar City’s Central London Tour route


The Central London tour includes the neighbourhoods;

Mayfair  Steeped in sophistication, Mayfair doesn’t have beer pubs and dance clubs—it has wine bars and scotch lounges including areas patrolled by the smallest private police force in the world. Its restaurants are decadent, its buildings impressive, and its streets as sparkling as a diamond.  A diamond in the shop windows or jewellery belonging to the inhabitants. It is bordered with Park Lane and the exclusive car showrooms to the west and The Ritz hotel to the south.  It is a sought-after destination for sophisticated luxurious strolls. Combine its finely tailored suits and thick cigar smoke, grand terraces, high-end antique markets & auction houses and exceptional price tags confirming prestige

Westminster The political and cultural epicentre containing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the United Kingdom’s House of Parliament sharing cobblestone lanes under Big Ben’s timely shadow.  On the north bank of the River Thames with views of the London Eye, Westminster hosts briefcase-carrying policymakers and camera-wielding visitors.

Covent Garden The bustling iconic plaza is the primary attraction with street performers, food stalls, winding cobbled side streets with cheese shops, casual taverns, theatres, art museums, and opera houses.  Watch, applaud, enjoy and of course expect to pay to the various entertainers.
South Bank Offering sweeping panoramas of the city from atop the London Eye as well as dripping with culture its a favourite with locals and visitors.  Including paradigm-challenging performances at the National Theatre, sensational public attractions, wry street art, skateboard-friendly and prominent cultural pursuits.
West End  Arguably the centre but historically west of the old City, which is now the financial city.  The West End whirs with constantly evolving theatres, shops, pubs, clubs, landmarks, lounges and crowds. Crowds and crowds to gathering  morning, noon and night to absorb a bit of the vibrant lifestyle. Soho’s grungy streets attracts crowds to indulge in this edgy epicentre’s sultry past and trendy present. Its red-light roots and beatnik bastions have steadily transformed into hip public houses, all-night coffee shops, vintage and crowded 24-hour clamour.

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