3 wheels better than 2?

Obviously I am biased to answer that question but this is the question to my copilot, Rose who is usually cruising around Seattle on a Triumph Triple! ¬†Whilst briefly giving her the keys and passing over the handlebars crossed my mind, albeit briefly – London’s a crowded city to learn who to ride a sidecar rig!

To be honest I’m always keen to impress as the petrol heads with a funky sidecar tour as much as I am to show of the city to visitors and locals. But Rose is an experienced biker so I had to be prepared!

We had good dry sunny weather on a crisp autumn afternoon and toured around the south of the river to the Shard, Borough market a couple of secret places (sorry, I can not share these) and then we headed West past Albertopolis and up to Notting Hill

After a good long tour I have to ask Rose the question

“Are 3 wheels better than 2?’

She replied

“Well I think that…..Loading…”

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